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For more than 30 years, Anderson-Negele has stood for innovative products of exceptional quality.Quality in development: Defined product development processes and the persistent alignment of development results with customer requirements are the foundation of our success.Quality in production: We steadfastly implement our FBS principles to achieve a consistently high production standard for our products.Quality in support: Our experienced and expert sales force both in-house and in the field develops solutions in close cooperation with our customers.

Voice of the customer

We gather ideas and suggestions where they arise - at our customers' workplace. Together with the latest technologies, we turn them into sensors that do precisely what our customers want. After all, we don't build our equipment for its own sake - but for our customers' benefit. "Voice of the Customer" is a critical building block in the development of our products. "Think Global - Act Local" is not merely a slogan but a maxim we live by. Together with our affiliate, Anderson Instruments Co. (USA), and our trained Anderson-Negele sales partners, we work with a global sales network that takes us close to our customers and enables us to offer the best possible support.

Striving to do things better

"Kaizen" (Japanese for "improvement") is a philosophy whose guiding principle is to continually strive to do better in all aspects of life. In-house processes and products are regularly scrutinized for potential for improvement. "Kaizen" is a concept we live by - to our own benefit and to that of our customers. Our goal is to optimize our processes to enable us to quickly and efficiently respond to customer requirements.


The search for new measurement principles and applications is a central aspect of our work, enabling us to meet our customers' expectations over the long term and to their full satisfaction. Innovation not only enhances the performance of our products but also gives our customers the business and technological advantage that comes with using creative, cutting-edge products.