Conductivity Sensors


Food, Beverage and Dairy
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Conductivity Sensors

Measurement of conductivity of liquid media up to 999 mS/cm

Reliable Measurement of Conductivity Sensors


For many years, the mature and cost-effective ILM conductivity meter has been satisfying customers with hygienic applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


Operating principle of Inductive Conductivity Sensors

The inductive conductivity meter ILM is primarily deployed for the control of CIP processes (e.g. phase separation of detergent/water), concentration measurement (e.g. increasing the concentration of CIP detergents) as well as it can be used for product monitoring and quality assurance.

An integrated display for conductivity and temperature give the user direct control onsite, especially for manually controlled processes. In addition to the conductivity, the ILM outputs the medium temperature on the analog output, thus making an additional process parameter available without requiring a separate temperature measuring point.


A compensation of the temperature error – that plays a major role along with the concentration of the medium–results from the temperature co-efficient (TC-value) of the liquid that can be set up in the electronics.

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